The newly launched Zouk Academy offers a glimpse, and more, into what it takes to be a professional DJ in one of the world’s leading clubs. Unleash your inner DJ, be mentored by some of the best in the industry.


All courses will be conducted at Zouk Singapore, in our state of the art studios and multiple live rooms, at 3C River Valley Road, The Cannery, Singapore 179022


Tailored for the fresh, our introductory course offers an exciting first look into the world of dance music. Learn the proper fundamentals and set yourself up to explore your potential in the art of DJing.

Single lesson (Individual) – $130

Single lesson (Group of two) – $200

Five lessons (Individual) – $500

Five lessons (Group of two) – $700

Five lessons (Group of three) – $900

Five lessons (Group of four) – $1000


Being a proficient DJ is no easy feat. This course is tailored for those who wish to make the move from bedroom to dance hall. Improve your mixing, programing, crowd reading, library sourcing, and much more with the help of seasoned professionals who handle the stress of it all on a weekly basis.

Five lessons (Individual) – $500

Five lessons (Group of two) – $700


Five Lessons(Individual): $1000


The Zouk Academy Graduate program aims to uncover a new generation of tastemakers and DJs. This course will only be offered to candidates who show outstanding promise and a sound understanding of the key principles of music and DJing.


Lessons consist of:

2 hours: Preparation work.
DJ mentors are to guide students in preparation for a live set, in a live environment.


3 hours: Shadowing/Live tutorials
As much as a classroom can be useful, the true test of the capability of a DJ comes in the form of our club nights. Students will shadow their mentors in live environments on club nights, and are to perform intermittently at the perusal of their mentor to test and train their capabilities.


Successful graduates from this program will be given the opportunity to showcase their skills at one of our world famous venues.

Interested candidates can send their music and credentials to


With over 50 years of international experience amongst them, our instructors are certainly not just button pushers. Equipped with skills to excite local and international crowds,they have taken their music across the world to famed clubs in New York, Ibiza, Brazil, Tokyo, London, and many more.

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