7 Questions with Yifang

As we bid farewell to 2011, we’re also saying goodbye to one of our own! We’ll miss you loads Yi Fang!

Introduce yourself.
Hello! I’m currently working with Zouk as the Assistant Business Development & Events Manager. I think I’m part Jekyll & part Hyde on the job usually… But more often Jekyll than Hyde unless provoked!

Describe a working day at Zouk.
Mad crazy! Am either at my desk answering event and sponsorship enquiries, crafting partnership proposals, assisting with marketing ideas, or am at the club conducting site recces with event clients. Occasionally, we also deal with panic attacks due to missing table cloths that are meant for reception tables (yes, they go mysteriously missing on some days), coupled with screaming clients. We also do mundane stuff like invoicing. Yea, don’t think that the vibrant nightlife scene is all about partying eh!

How has it been like?
Busy but extremely fulfilling. I have learnt so much in my past 1.5 years here, especially in the aspects of partnerships & sponsorships. And I have also made some really good friends here that it makes me sad to leave.

Something about Zouk that you will never forget.
The colleagues – They truly made me feel like family. From the Marketing & Business Development team to the Art dept, Operations, Front Office, Security, Maintenance (Tech) all the way to Housekeeping, everyone has been very helpful and “on the ball” so events and campaigns run smoothly. Even when problems occur, instead of finger-pointing which is very common in many companies, everyone works together to come up with solutions quickly.

What or who have been most inspiring?
Non other than the founder himself – Lincoln Cheng! I see clear dedication from him. Even after 20 years, he is still in the club on every operational night, and always on the lookout to improve the entire party experience with new equipment – lights, sound, visual effects, or furniture, to ensure the club stays relevant to not just the regulars but the new generation of partygoers as well.

Your favourite drink?
Sour plum shots – they are deceptively strong.

Last words?
One World, One Music, One Tribe, One Dance

3 sayings you live by?
1. “Carpe diem” (have yet to tattoo that but it’s in the works). Always important to seize the day and live life to the fullest everyday as you never know what might happen tomorrow.
2. “We need to have passion in everything we do.” Without passion, everything would be a chore and I don’t see a point in putting yourself through misery, so why do something if you aren’t passionate about it?
3. “Your other half has to be your best friend.” I believe the best lovers are the best of friends. The other person needs to have been through all your ups and downs in order to be your (better) other half.

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